Level products are a combination of 5 components: Design, Color, Material, Inks, & Coating. Any time you specify Level Digital Wallcoverings, these key “ingredients” are expertly combined to produce a wide range of styles, colors, effects, and finishes, to suit a broad range of applications.


Level Digital Wallcoverings can be specified “as-is”, or customized to your specifications. Learn more about each of these options below:

Every Level design can be ordered “as-is”, which simply means that the 5 key components are combined in a pre-determined arrangement. These are referred to as our Design Standards, and they comprise all of the designs you see on this site and in our print books.

Specifying a Design Standard is an excellent option for those new to digital wallcoverings, or for anyone looking to achieve maximum visual impact quickly, easily, and affordably.

With Design Standards, we’ve done the work for you. There is no need to select custom colors, research and select materials, or understand specialty effects. Our experienced designers have created a wide range of pre-set options in our Design Standards offering, so achieving stunning effects and unique environments can be as simple as specifying traditional wallcovering.

All Level designs are also rights ready, royalty-free, and print ready. Level owns – or maintains exclusive royalty agreements to – the exclusive rights to print all Level designs on wallcoverings. No usage restrictions, no need to negotiate licenses, no licensing or subscription fees. 

Note: All Design Standards are sized, scaled, and cropped to your specifications.


A key selling point of the Level program is the ability for designers and specifiers to tailor the designs to their needs. Any deviation from the fixed combination of attributes in a Design Standard is considered a customization, and there are a variety of ways in which our designs can be customized:

  • Customize Color
  • Change the Text of a Word Wall
  • Change the Material on which the Design is pPrinted
  • Adapt a Design to Become a Repeating Pattern
  • Custom Overlay or Combine Artwork
  • Customize White or Gloss Inks, or the use of WallFX®

Customizing a Level design is a highly effective way of personalizing a space and making it unique without having to start from a blank page. By simply mixing and matching the 5 components of Design, Color, Material, Inks, & Coating, a near limitless range of solutions is possible.

By far, customizing the color is the most popular (and cost-effective) way to personalize a Level design. Learn more about custom color here.

Note: Scaling, sizing, & cropping a design to your specifications are an inherent part of the ordering process for all Level Design Standards and are therefore not considered customizations.


As part of the Level program, we also offer print and creative services outside of this design library:

  • Contract printing of customer supplied or third-party artwork.
  • Complete custom design services for customers wishing to create an original, unique piece of art.