L52001 “Weird Surfaces” – in Strange Hues

It was the design above, “Weird Surfaces”, that first caught our attention – an undulating mass of vibrant colors, full of motion and depth, but somehow stuck in time.  The designer, Danny Ivan, has been featured on many design blogs and sites – but this is his first foray into wallcovering.  Ivan, a graphic designer and digital artist by trade, lives in Oporto, an ancient Roman port city in North Portugal. He sometimes starts his concepts as sketches or drafts on paper using pencil and rulers, but his explorations in geometry reach epic proportions when brought to life digitally.


Bold color is his signature, along with explosions of abstraction, undulations of strange textures, and the hypnotic use of geometric forms, which for him have a direct connection to emotional qualities such as happiness, enthusiasm, and energy:

“My creative process defines what I really love in life: bold people, bold moments, and bold emotions. What I really want when I’m making an artwork or design is for people to react when they see it. I try to capture everything I see, listen to, and taste in one work.”

His work graces the cover of our newest collection, Level Series 5 – shown: L52101 “Convoke” – in Carnival


And we are offering a third Danny Ivan Design, called “La Verite” which means “Truth” in French.  It comes in two colorways, including L52202 “Onyx” seen here:

ivan rest

To learn more about Danny Ivan’s work, please visit: www.dannyivan.com