Acoustic Solutions

In need of sound control? Whether you’re specifying a Level design or supplying your own artwork, we have an acoustic solution for you!

Custom Acoustical Panels

Your design or solid color is dye-sublimated onto one of our acoustically transparent fabrics: Nexa, Cinderella, or La Panne, and wrapped around a polyester acoustic panel.
  • All fabrics are 100% polyester, printed with dye-sublimated inks and are NFPA-701 certified.
  • Panel is 100% polyester (60% PET-Recycled Fiber, 40% PET-Virgin Fiber) with chemically hardened edges 
  • Panels are 1” thick with custom sizes up to 48” X 120”
  • Custom thickness and shape options also available 
  • NRC of 0.75
  • Formaldehyde free, dust free, and no odor
  • No binding agents and does not promote mildew
  • Tackable
  • Mounting options include adhesive, impaling clips, Z-Clips/Z-Bars, edge clips, Rotofast anchors, and hook & loop.
Modern library of high school, 3d illustration, colorful acoustic panels across the top of the library

Fabric Options

We offer three acoustically transparent fabrics with which to wrap the fiberglass panels. All fabrics are 100% polyester, printed with dye-sublimated inks and are NFPA-701 certified.

  • Nexa: Soft, brushed, cotton-like feel
  • Cinderella: Silky, high-luster sateen finish 
  • La Panne: Rich, lustrous chenille fabric
Printed pattern on Nexa fabric sample
Printed pattern on Cinderella fabric sample
Printed pattern on La Panne fabric sample
La Panne

Solid Colors

  • Solid colors are available for acoustic panels.
  • The appearance of these colors may vary slightly depending on which acoustic fabric they are printed on.
  • Custom colors are available.

NOTE: Due to the inherent nature of fabric, some designs are not recommended to print as continuous designs across multiple panels. Designs with very fine linework or patterns that require tight registration may not align well when installed adjacent to one another.

NOTE: While Cinderella and La Panne fabrics have a sateen luster, actual metallics and gloss effects are not available on acoustic panels.