Wood Veneer

Creating a High-End Space Meant to Impress?

SanFoot wood veneer is the industry-leading choice! Natural beauty combined with a hard-wearing finish makes Sanfoot ideal for walls, ceilings, accent panels, and furniture too. <br>
Now you can add Level to any SanFoot project! Veneer murals, custom colors and stains, patterns, logos, inlay effects, and more! Together, Level & SanFoot give you unparalleled creative options!

Solid Color Tints

  • Solid color tints and custom colors are available on wood veneer. 
  • Colors are shown on quarter cut white oak veneer. Actual production may vary in color and graining from the images shown. Printing on different species of wood will alter the appearance of these colors.
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Wood Veneer Is a Natural Occurring Product

Please Note

Actual production may vary in color and graining from the images shown.
The growth marks and other variations of grain and figuring found in fine veneers are hallmarks of this beautiful and natural product.
Specifying wood veneer as a custom base material can alter the appearance of a design’s colors and overall characteristics.
Metallic effects are not available on SanFoot wood veneer.

High-Resolution Wood Veneer Scans

High-End Look on a Budget

  • Check out our high-resolution scans of actual wood veneer printed on any of our materials! A great budget option where real wood can’t meet performance or durability requirements, like high-traffic areas.
  • Print the veneer alone or use it as a background with a Level design!
  • Add metallic and pop gloss effects to your wood!
  • Print on acoustic panels to create faux wood beams or dimensional faux wood panels where sound control is needed.

Try This!

In tall spaces, use wood veneer images in combination with real wood: 

Real wood at eye level and veneer images up toward or on the ceiling.