Print Effects

Do your wallcoverings sparkle and pop?

Create stunning, eye-catching spaces with the help of our print effects! Many of our designs already feature one or more print effects by default, or ask us to customize any Level design with your favorite effects!


Luxury wallcovering vibes are achieved with near limitless metallic colors including silver, gold, copper, and more, affordably printed on high quality mylar material.

Pick and choose which parts of your wallcovering to “metallize” to draw the eye where you want it to go.

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Combine metallic with pop gloss to create a shiny, polished metal look!

Pop Gloss

Use Pop Gloss to emphasize meaningful elements of your design or create subtle accents that move with the light.

Perfect for retail spaces! Pop gloss catches the light, creating dazzling effects that are sure to grab the attention of anyone walking by!

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Put pop gloss over window film to change colors from a frosted look to a glossy stained-glass effect!


Create a sophisticated sensory experience using this haptic printing technique that allows select areas of a design to be raised and appear embossed.


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Use WallFX with a metallic to create a stunning dimensional patina!

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