IP Policy

Level is committed to the highest legal and ethical standards in the conduct of our business, and it is our policy to compete fairly in the marketplace.

This commitment to fairness includes respecting the intellectual property rights of our suppliers, customers, business partners, competitors, and others, as well as protecting our own intellectual property, specifically our creative content, from infringement by others.

Any unauthorized reproduction or imitation of Level’s copyright works is a violation of law. The Level artists who create and customize these works depend on you and the law to protect their labor and talents. Please help us protect our copyrighted work – from specification all the way through installation – and do not allow contractors to replace Level work with illegal imitations.

Stealing and devaluing intellectual property only hurts us all in the end as it threatens our ability to continue to bring you world-class design. Should you encounter this situation on a Level job, we would greatly appreciate your assistance so we can enforce our rights with these individuals.

Thank you!

Submitting Customer-Supplied Artwork?

All required intellectual property rights for any creative content you submit must be properly licensed or otherwise secured. Please review each piece of submitted material to ensure that this has been done. If you are submitting materials other than those created by you, do not assume that you have broad or exclusive rights for reproduction. Check with the owner and request authorization in writing.

If you wish to create and submit artwork that incorporates a Level design, either in its entirety or a portion thereof, submitting a low-resolution concept is often the most efficient way to communicate your vision:

  • Select a Level design on findyourlevel.com, and click on its thumbnail image.
  • Download the thumbnail using the link below the image.
  • Use that thumbnail to mockup a low-resolution draft of your concept and submit it to your sales representative.
  • Level designers will gladly recreate your vision in a high-resolution, print-ready format.

Please Note: This type of art submittal is not considered “customer-supplied art”, and is subject to our standard “Level art” pricing and any applicable customization fees. Level designers have the knowledge and experience to skillfully translate your concept into accurate, high-resolution, print-ready artwork, in the appropriate formats, dimensions, and scale. And while this may entail some design fees, they are typically lower when working from a customer-provided concept (since you’re providing a “road map” for our designers to follow).

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