Repeat Pattern Designs

Movement you can see and feel!

• Affordable Custom Color

• Exclusive Embosses

• ECO Wallcovering Printed on CVT

Why Choose a Digital Repeat Pattern?

  • Affordable custom colors. At our 100 sq.ft. minimum, it’s a fraction of the time and cost of custom gravure patterns.
  • Level patterns are printed as ECO Wallcoverings (combining Level’s UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified inks with Clean Vinyl Technology™ (CVT) base materials.
  • Exclusive embosses in both white and mylar provide unparalleled visual and tactile movement. (Our mylar is the only clean vinyl mylar on the market!)
  • Choose from a growing collection of designs available in multiple standard colors to choose from.
  • Sold by the lineal yard.

Pair it With a Level Mural!

  • Because they’re so simple to custom color, our repeat pattern designs make your digital dollars go further by complementing to your favorite Level mural.
  • For corridors, accent walls, niches and more, repeat patterns are the perfect way to tie a space together!

Recent Designs