May 04


Level Digital Wallcoverings has created a new collection of unique reclaimed wood wallcovering designs, pulled directly from salvaged originals in the Rustbelt Reclamation warehouse.

Studio Room

Rustbelt Reclamation - Photo © Bob Perkoski,

Rustbelt Reclamation – Photo © Bob Perkoski,

Painstakingly photographed at high resolution, these boards and planks have been combined to create a new line of print-ready digital art with unprecedented detail and resolution that can be printed on anything from commercial grade vinyl to specialty products such as acoustic or rigid material.

Rustbelt Reclamation is a leading manufacturer of reclaimed wood interiors, furniture, and accessories. Each of their one-of-a-kind pieces is made with wood harvested from abandoned structures, barns, factories, churches, and other buildings slated for demolition across America’s steel belt. This storied wood (most from old-growth forests over a hundred years old) is then kept out of landfills and given a second life. This exclusive partnership is just one of the new Level commercial contract designs from our forthcoming Spring Collection, available May 2016 – filled with exciting new digital products that designers, specifiers, and their clients will love.

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