New & Noteworthy from Level!

Project Spotlight: Skylight Financial Stairwell

  For Skylight Financial, we designed an acoustic control solution for their noisy stairwell.  The custom design features iconic landmarks and neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio, to reflect Skylight’s growing client base, but also to showcase their commitment to community engagement. To solve their noise problem, we printed our designs onto acoustically transparent fabric; the sound passes through the fabric, and is absorbed by the panel underneath.   The design was so successful, we modified it a bit and put it in our new Series 5 collection.  “Downtown” is available in three color-ways, and can be customized with names and photos for your own neck of the woods.    

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The World’s Ugliest Color?

A thousand smokers in Australia voted Pantone 448C, “opaque couché” as the world’s ugliest color.  According to the Guardian, participants associated the color with words such as “dirty”, “death”, and “tar”.  Now the hated hue can be found on all cigarette packing in Australia and the UK, in the hopes that it will deter people from buying cigarettes. Here at Level, we don’t judge. We can recolor any of our designs to suit your taste.  As Shakespeare said, “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is wing’d cupid painted blind”… or in this case, painted Pantone 448C. Above: Level Series 5 Design, “High Tide”, custom colored with Level Target #0822

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Level Announces Release of New 2016 Contract Designs

Level Digital Wallcoverings is proud to announce the release of a new collection for the commercial contract market. Level Series 5 is filled with over twenty exciting new designs that specifiers, interior designers, and their clients will love.  Keeping a close eye on the latest trends, the Level Design Team combines fresh and innovative ideas with years of experience in the commercial contract market.  Look for natural surfaces, rich textures, striking geometrics, new fully customizable word walls, incredibly detailed reclaimed wood, and more exclusive collaborations with artists and designers than ever before. And as always, all of our new designs can be customized to suit your clients needs, and be printed on anything from commercial grade vinyl to specialty products such as window film, acoustic, or rigid material. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR NEW LEVEL SERIES 5 DESIGNS For press inquiries, please contact brittany@4walls.com

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Level Digital Wallcoverings has created a new collection of unique reclaimed wood wallcovering designs, pulled directly from salvaged originals in the Rustbelt Reclamation warehouse. Painstakingly photographed at high resolution, these boards and planks have been combined to create a new line of print-ready digital art with unprecedented detail and resolution that can be printed on anything from commercial grade vinyl to specialty products such as acoustic or rigid material. Rustbelt Reclamation is a leading manufacturer of reclaimed wood interiors, furniture, and accessories. Each of their one-of-a-kind pieces is made with wood harvested from abandoned structures, barns, factories, churches, and other buildings slated for demolition across America’s steel belt. This storied wood (most from old-growth forests over a hundred years old) is then kept out of landfills and given a second life. This exclusive partnership is just one of the new Level commercial contract designs from our forthcoming Spring Collection, available May 2016 – filled with exciting new digital products that designers, specifiers, and their clients will love. To learn more about RUSTBELT RECLAMATION, Click Here.       CLICK HERE to learn more about our new line, ‘Reclaimed’.    

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