New & Noteworthy from Level!

Word Walls

Word Walls are hot, and here at Level we have tons of Word Wall Designs at the ready – or, you can customize a design with your own words.  Here a just a few examples of Level’s ready-to-print word wall solutions:   L51706 Word Wall Script – in “Sharpie”   L51704 Word Wall Brick, in “Vino”   L407101 Word Play in “Watercolor”   L405903 Word Play Success in “Citron”, Shown as Window Film   For a large addition to their headquarters in upstate New York, Utica First used a ready-made Level Word Wall (L407103 Word Play in Neutral) in their 120-person capacity “working” cafe. You can see more Level Word Walls here, or contact your Level Rep to learn more about our custom Word Wall solutions.

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Project Spotlight: Custom Corporate Solutions

Here at Level, in addition to our vast collection of ready-made designs, we offer custom design services for any project. For IMCD, we created a custom mural highlighting the global connections of their business.  IMCD is an international leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of specialty chemicals and food ingredients.  At their U.S. office in Cleveland, Ohio, the walls of their lobby were designed to spotlight iconic views of the city, as well as Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where the company’s international headquarters are located (on the left panel you can see the famous ‘Erasmusbrug’, a cable-stayed bridge that spans Rotterdam’s Nieuwe Maas).  Using bright colors, keywords, layers of maps, photographs, and other ephemera, our design team created a totally unique custom solution that highlights the story and international scope of their brand.           To the right of the entrance we included one of the Art Deco “Guardians of Transportation” that line Cleveland’s Lorain-Carnegie Bridge. These 43-foot tall statues were made in 1937 from sandstone quarried in nearby Berea, Ohio, which is also where the Cleveland Browns NFL training camp is located – you can see Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium at the bottom of the wall.

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Artist Spotlight: Mark Thomas

Here at Level, we work directly with artists to create unique designs – like painter Mark Thomas.   After receiving a BFA in painting from Kent State University, Mark Thomas moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and was immediately attracted to the decayed and industrial areas of the city. Drawn to the textures found on the oxidized metal surfaces covering the city’s bridges and abandoned structures, Thomas combed the rusty underbelly of the metropolis for inspiration. He began to experiment with automotive enamel and other industrial pigments – laying the paint down in thick layers, then stripping it back by applying a belt sander directly to the surface of the canvas, often leaving imperfections and holes in the process. Over time, he gathered the skills necessary to create these laborious compositions, while still enjoying the inevitable element of chance that informed each piece. His paintings are a direct reaction to the urban landscape – tough, man-made, gritty, with bursts of vibrant color, and hints of America’s industrial past. We transformed these amazing paintings into a series of new Level Designs called “Ballast”. We love the way his paintings add texture and excitement to any room. Try it over brick, or in a grid –

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Window Film Solutions

Did you know that nearly every Level Design can be adapted for use in window films?   By varying the opacity of white ink on window film you can control the amount of privacy in a given space, or simply tailor the amount of light with transparency. Window film can: Be printed on both sides – so the design is visible from either side Transform ordinary glass doors Easily be printed to look like frosted glass Provide sun control, added security, and is scratch resistant Here at Level we offer optically clear polyester window film, or polycarbonate window film for higher traffic areas.  You can specify one of our standard designs, such as “Ribbon” or “Astronomy” from the new Level Collection,  seen here modified for window film:       Or, you can work with our Level Design Team to create a custom solution, like these glass panels recently installed in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  Varying levels of opacity were used to create the illusion of “depth” between the city names: To learn more about our Window Film, visit this link, or talk to your Level Distributor today!

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Project Spotlight: Healthcare Solutions

  The City of Hope Women’s Center wanted to create bright, spacious, and welcoming areas to enhance comfort for patients and their loved ones.  As you can see, the lobby, corridors, and consulting rooms of this 16,000-square foot facility feature Level Designs including X-Ray Vision – Inner Glow (seen here):   Original Design – L32575LV X-Ray Vision – Inner Glow: Consulting Room:   Here at Level, we have plenty of options for the commercial Healthcare market.  You can browse the “Designs” Section of our website by Market – take a look to see over 200 Healthcare appropriate designs.  One of our Healthcare favorites from the new collection is L52602 Prairie Watercolor, in Cerulean. Its soft texture and serene color creates an calm atmosphere that’s perfect for healing.   

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Designer Spotlight: Danny Ivan

It was the design above, “Weird Surfaces”, that first caught our attention – an undulating mass of vibrant colors, full of motion and depth, but somehow stuck in time.  The designer, Danny Ivan, has been featured on many design blogs and sites – but this is his first foray into wallcovering.  Ivan, a graphic designer and digital artist by trade, lives in Oporto, an ancient Roman port city in North Portugal. He sometimes starts his concepts as sketches or drafts on paper using pencil and rulers, but his explorations in geometry reach epic proportions when brought to life digitally. Bold color is his signature, along with explosions of abstraction, undulations of strange textures, and the hypnotic use of geometric forms, which for him have a direct connection to emotional qualities such as happiness, enthusiasm, and energy: “My creative process defines what I really love in life: bold people, bold moments, and bold emotions. What I really want when I’m making an artwork or design is for people to react when they see it. I try to capture everything I see, listen to, and taste in one work.” His work graces the cover of our newest collection, Level Series 5 – shown: L52101

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