Jul 28

Window Film Solutions

Did you know that nearly every Level Design can be adapted for use in window films?  

By varying the opacity of white ink on window film you can control the amount of privacy in a given space, or simply tailor the amount of light with transparency. Window film can:

  • Be printed on both sides – so the design is visible from either side
  • Transform ordinary glass doors
  • Easily be printed to look like frosted glass
  • Provide sun control, added security, and is scratch resistant

Here at Level we offer optically clear polyester window film, or polycarbonate window film for higher traffic areas.  You can specify one of our standard designs, such as “Ribbon” or “Astronomy” from the new Level Collection,  seen here modified for window film:

L50302 Ribbon – in “Upbeat” Color Way


L51403 Astronomy in "Deep Space" - printed in white ink only as privacy screening

L51403 Astronomy in “Deep Space” – printed in white ink only as privacy screening



Or, you can work with our Level Design Team to create a custom solution, like these glass panels recently installed in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  Varying levels of opacity were used to create the illusion of “depth” between the city names:

To learn more about our Window Film, visit this link, or talk to your Level Distributor today!

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