Aug 04

Artist Spotlight: Mark Thomas

mark thomasHere at Level, we work directly with artists to create unique designs – like painter Mark Thomas.  

After receiving a BFA in painting from Kent State University, Mark Thomas moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and was immediately attracted to the decayed and industrial areas of the city. Drawn to the textures found on the oxidized metal surfaces covering the city’s bridges and abandoned structures, Thomas combed the rusty underbelly of the metropolis for inspiration. He began to experiment with automotive enamel and other industrial pigments – laying the paint down in thick layers, then stripping it back by applying a belt sander directly to the surface of the canvas, often leaving imperfections and holes in the process. Over time, he gathered the skills necessary to create these laborious compositions, while still enjoying the inevitable element of chance that informed each piece. His paintings are a direct reaction to the urban landscape – tough, man-made, gritty, with bursts of vibrant color, and hints of America’s industrial past.

We transformed these amazing paintings into a series of new Level Designs called “Ballast”.


We love the way his paintings add texture and excitement to any room. Try it over brick, or in a grid – and as usual, you can custom color the design to fit any application.  



Furniture and decoration of a restaurant, modern style, day time.

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